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You are invited to download FOR FREE these four eBooks of short essays I have written and distributed weekly. They focus on how the Spirit works in your life and church. 

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What Happened to Our Churches? 

 Dr. David Luecke’s book the first collection of blogs that address how declining mainline churches can regain Spiritual energy and grow again. Recognize that a Christian congregation is biblically a fellowship of the Holy Spirit. The best way to increase its energy of time, talents and treasure is to pay more attention to how the Spirit calls, gathers, enlightens and sanctifies its participants. This book of short conversation-starter essays addresses why and how to do that.



Encourage Adventures in Step With the Spirit 


This second collection of short essays addresses how the Spirit works in your life and church. It is a free eBook from David S. Luecke. These blogs continue to address how declining mainline churches can regain spiritual energy and grow again. Understand the Spirit’s role in the Trinity. Recognize spiritual experiences when you have them and what triggers them. Chart your personal spiritual journey. Learn movement through four stages of faith development. Be aware that the Spirit’s work has to stay fresh for a church to be healthy.




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It Takes a Fellowship of the Spirit to Raise a Believer

 This third collection of Dr. David Luecke’s blogs addresses how a church’s purpose is to raise believers up to a higher level of life in Christ. Learn how to move on from Medieval motivation for church life when “should” no longer works. Understand how God’s Word works best through informal fellowships. Learn how to organize a Spiritual fellowship. Recognize church cultures that are more receptive to the Spirit’s work


Witnessing in the New Post-Modern Culture

 This fourth collection of Dr. David Luecke’s blogs offers fresh understandings of Spirit, grace and fellowship that provide valuable touchpoints for outreach. Learn the difference between Grace1 and Grace2. Understand how grace-focused and Spirit-shaped ministries will be so important in the future. Appreciate options for living as Christians in the post-Christian world. Recognize how the future of traditional denominations is not bright while informal networks are growing and will better guide effective ministries.


David S. Luecke is a pastor and psychologist with high-level administrative experience. He has been a pastor for thirty years on the staff of Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church in North Royalton, Ohio. His degrees are an M.Div., an M.B.A. and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior, and he taught in academia for twenty years. He can be contacted at