We Believe

We are a congregation of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Basically that means:

We believe it is a historically verifiable fact that Jesus rose from the dead. Thus, everything He said was true and validated.

God the Father created the universe. This world was perfect and without sin. However, the first man and woman sinned. Thus, like a filthy disease, all of mankind and the entire universe is infected with sin and bound for eternal punishment. However...

God has never ceased to be active in His creation. He promised a savior to Adam and Eve, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He showed His power through Moses by bringing His people out of slavery in Egypt. He spoke by the prophets again and again to His people. Some stuck with Him, some didn't.

Jesus Christ, true God and true man, is the fulfillment of the Jewish religion. All promises were made complete in him, all prophecies were made complete in Him, all prophecies fulfilled. As an innocent sacrifice, Jesus suffered hell on the cross for the sins of the whole world, BC and AD. On the following Sunday morning He rose from the dead and appeared to hundreds of people, thus conquering death and reversing the effects of sin over creation.

He established the Church through his chosen Apostles and told them to faithfully teach and administer the Sacraments, which they did.

Because He said so, we believe Jesus will come again to raise the dead and restore the creation. In the mean time, whoever believes in Him and is baptized will be saved.

We teach that whatever is in the Old and New Testament is the Word of God passed down faithfully from generation to generation. That is our norm, and its authority trumps all—especially our own opinions.

We confess the documents in the Book of Concord as a faithful exposition of Scripture. That means they explain how the Christian Church has interpreted the Bible since her humble beginnings in Jerusalem. Everyone in fellowship with us does too.

We act like being a Christian matters. We seek to follow God's law in grateful response to his salvation. If we fail (and we will), we confess and receive forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

We practice the Sacraments of Holy Baptism, the Lord's Supper, and Confession/Absolution the way they are commanded by Jesus and practiced by the earliest Christians.

In our worship services, you will hear the truth. Period. We invite you to join us.